Love the Earth, Surf and Sun

At Bandit Kids, they like to encourage kids to have a playful imagination and a strong connection to their planet. They love your little ones surfing, running outside, climbing trees, skateboarding, riding bikes, exploring, and enjoying endless pretend play; hunting, cowboys, Indians, robbers, dress-ups, make-believe, being a wild animal, being a bandit! Through their clothing they want to encourage what comes naturally to kids: free thinking, imagination, dreaminess, and being impulsive, artistic, quirky, free-spirited and curious.

Each and every item they produce is carefully handmade. They love to dream up different themes for each range, ones that children can relate to and fall in love with. Their original art is all hand-drawn and these drawings are turned into screens, which are then screen-printed by hand onto eco-dyed material. Their swing-tags are considered extra little pieces of art, and they are printed on recycled paper with soy ink. It’s all about the details at Bandit Kids, especially because they know how much kids love precious little treasures.

Through their brand they aim to spread a message of peace, love and acceptance. They are part of a new wave of earth, surf and sun loving families who are traveling the world and raising their children among different cultures in the hope that they will learn to see the world as one. They believe it is up to all of us to save our environment, and that this is done through the world working together, not just in our own backyard.

‘All Kids Are Cool’ means so much to Bandit Kids. It’s a term they came up with to represent the core of their brand, their heartbeat. It is about equal rights for all humans, it’s anti-bullying, it’s about every single kid knowing they are damn awesome and that under no circumstance should they be made to feel otherwise.

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