Christmas + Kids = Good times!


It was only a few years ago and I can’t quite remember what Christmas was like without kids (there’s a good chance my sleep deprived brain thanks to an 8 month old who has decided he wants to party at 2am every single morning has something to do with that!)

But to be honest, now that we have children, I look forward to it more every year. This year especially is going to be a good one for us. Our 2.5 year old is at the age where Santa can be used as a bribe for good behaviour and boy that’s a handy one to have up our sleeve!

It all started with the decoration of our Christmas tree at the start of the month. Our tree is conveniently measured at 1 metre so an angel can be delicately placed on top by the said 2.5 year old, although when the moment came I don’t think the word delicately was part of her vocabulary. Generally I am pretty pedantic when it comes to decorations but I don’t mind one bit looking at our tree this year knowing how excited she was to do it all by herself. In the whole month so far we have only had one small mishap, which may or may not have involved the tree falling over on her party loving little brother, so overall I am marking it down as a success.

To continue in the theme of how much I am loving Christmas this year, our visit to Santa was also a huge success. It was a very pleasant surprise considering my expectations were very low due to our attempt being on the way home from high intensity swimming training…and by high intensity I mean more arm digging, bubble blowing, big kicking then you can poke a stick at. And it was all topped off with our daughter’s one wish for Christmas….a cup with a straw…hell yes it is!!

Because I am so unbelievably happy with our Santa visit this year, you can take a peek at the photo in the About Us section.

Please note, we don’t have a photo from last year. I don’t want you all to think our children are this well behaved all the time. Last year we lined up at a major shopping centre for 30 minutes full of excitement only to lose the plot when we came face to face with the man himself. And here I was looking at all the other children crying while we were waiting in line thinking that will never happen to me…how wrong could a person be!

Amongst tree decorating and Santa visits, I have also been busy launching my online boutique called Oh My Golly Gosh. It’s been in the pipeline for a while and I decided to bite the bullet and get it up and running while I have been on maternity leave. Because I’ll have lots of time kicking back at home with two young children right???

Well it is finally here and I hope you enjoy shopping the collections as much as I have enjoyed selecting them. What has made it even more enjoyable is dealing with the lovely small businesses who in most cases are mothers as well and taking a plunge to do something they have always wanted to do. These brands will always have my support and I can’t wait to provide a ‘one stop shop’ so you know that by purchasing through our store, you are also supporting Australian designed clothing and accessories.

From my family to yours, I hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas and I am really looking forward to what 2016 will bring!

Ange at OMGG. x

I thought it would be suitable to include a pic of our little Christmas tree and after taking the picture, realised there are two small duplo characters that have magically appeared on the bottom branches in the last few days. Thank you ‘extremely excited about Christmas’ 2.5 year old. You always make me smile!

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